CED vs. Intra-arterial

There is a fair amount of confusion over the differences between Convection Enhanced Delivery (CED) and intra-artieral delivery of therapeutic agents. With the recent success of his phase 1 trial of CED as treatment for DIPG, we asked Dr. Mark Souweidane to explain the differences.

Intra-arterial is an intravascular route of delivery that is regional. A small catheter is inserted into an artery of the brain at which time chemotherapy is injected. The chemotherapy does get into the systemic circulation and ultimately the rest of the body.

CED, or convection enhanced delivery, injects agents directly into the tumor. It relies on placing a small catheter in the brain tumor tissue and using a slow rate of infusion. This is the most immediate method for achieving very high concentrations of drug into the tissue WITHOUT any appreciable systemic exposure. It essentially eliminates the potential for systemic toxicity (i.e. bone marrow suppression, sepsis, renal or hepatic dysfunction, etc.).

The Importance of Improved Delivery Methods