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Since 2012, the International DIPG/DMG Registry has provided over 430 patient-to-doctor records reviews discussing treatment options and helped to connect families to local experts in DIPG/DMG. The dominant DIPG/DMG registry with over 1800 DIPG/DMG specific patient participants and 117 participating hospitals in over 17 countries, the Registry (through a grant by the DIPG/DMG Collaborative parent/foundational group) can provide an initial records review within 3 business days with a DIPG/DMG specialist doctor and then more detailed analysis upon receipt of patient records from your local hospital. Records reviews are free and can be requested by filling out the form below. A family advocate will contact you within 24 hours to help with next steps.

Please note: Reviews are only guaranteed in USA, Canada, and Australia. Other countries may be available, but cannot be guaranteed. Request a review to learn more.

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